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Entry (Aquatics Gallery)

The Aquatics gallery, India’s largest public aquarium with state-of-the-art life support systems is designed and curated to give a memorable journey of the underwater world. The aquarium consists of different tanks dedicated to aquatic species from across the world with a main tank consisting of sharks and a 28-meter unique walkway tunnel, providing an experience never seen before. Here one can get a glimpse of over 188 species and 11600 fishes under one roof.
As a visitor enters the gallery, they would witness a 360-degree tank and enter the ocean themed centralized atrium, witnessing an orientation film in a large backdrop. Starting the journey into the gallery the visitors would move across ten different zones from the likes of Indian Zone, Asian Zone, African Zone, American Zone, Oceans of the World and others.
The 28-meter unique walkway tunnel inside the main tank zone would provide visitors with an experience of walking along the ocean bed alongside sharks and other debris, an adventure worth the thrill. The touch pool on the first floor lets you physically touch the fish and closely observe their beauty.
The unique 5D theatre gives you an edge of the seat thrill and a fun filled experience. After finishing the unique underwater journey, one can visit the aquatic themed cafeteria and have a grand meal onboard a ship and finish their journey at the souvenir shop and leave with wonderful memories of the gallery.
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