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Musical Fountain

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The Musical Fountain is a choreographed fountain system (Laser & Surrounding Sound System effect) located at Science City. More than 160 water jets installed and digitally programmed in such a way that live water screen can be developed in synchronization with the music. Illumination through more than 500 Laser lights and coloring projection systems creates infinite laser images on the water surface for the immense experience to the visitors. Water shows having specific original video projections, laser mapping and laser graphics on its more than 35 mt. lengths water shield gives unforgettable unique experience to the Visitors.


If you are in Science City, especially during evening time, you just can't afford to miss this marvel. Among the biggest fountains in the country, Dancing Musical Fountain has all the ingredients to provide the most beautiful evening-time entertainment. The water effects move or dance with music and interpret each tune in synchronization with light and sound play a perfect supporting role.

Spread over an area of 9000 sq.m in hexagonal grid pattern, the Musical Fountain covers an area of 1300 square meters. It employs 113 jets, 935 underwater colour lights, 4 submersible heavy duty pumps, 2073 sets of hydraulic nozzles with 273 effects. The lotus water volume in the center can be as high as 30 meters. It has more than 20 kinds of water styles including floating fountain, seagulls, chasing waves, peacocks, swinging, flower baskets.

For science students, the fountain explains important phenomena of hydro-statics, hydrodynamics, electromagnetism and digital electronics. The spouts of water emanating from the fountain heads observe the basic laws of fluid dynamics including Pascals law and Bernoulli's principle.

Illuminated by 935 colour lights

The musical fountain in the Science City will provide the most beautiful nighttime entertainment. The water effects move or dance with music and interpret each tune in synchronization with light and sound whether fast or slow.


Interesting Information

The Musical Fountain in the Science City is a beautiful example of human creativity through the interaction of music and science with following salient features.

Indias Largest and Biggest Dancing Musical Fountain.

Confluence of light, sound and water in motion.

Spread over an area of 9000 sq. mtr hexagonal grid pattern.

Consists of 1300 sq mtr Pond area with 56 meters channel length.

Illuminated by 935 colour lights.

Involves 113 water jets with 2073 nozzles.

Eject water as high as 30 meters equivalent to any 10 storied building.

Generates 273 water effects mesmerizing the eye, ear and mind.

Surrounds with 4000 watt sound system, 20 speakers with graphic equalizer.

Individually choreographed tunes of music with light, sound and water effects.
Involves principle of acoustics, hydraulics, light water synchronization.

Explain Bernoulli's principle, types of water flow and water dynamics, rainbow and many more...

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