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A directory of its officers and employees

A directory of Officers

1 Mr. S. D. Vora Executive Director On contract
2 Mr. P. H. Rangwani Project Manager On deputation
3 Mr. P. H. Patel Accounts Officer GOG
4 Mr. B. K. Vaghela Deputy Engineer (Electrical) On deputation
5 Mr. N. Matangkumar Administrative Officers GOG

A directory of employees of GCSC

1 Mr. Dilip Patel Asst. Manager IMAX On contract
2 Mr. Dara Mody Senior Projectionist On contract
3 Mr. Bhavik Trivedi Projectionist On contract
4 Mr. Raju Amlani Scientist Curator (Physics) On contract
5 Ms. Megha Upadhyay Scientist Curator (Biology) On contract
6 Mr. Pintu Das (Mechanical & Electronics) On contract
7 Mr. Kirti Patel Sr. Education Assistant On contract
8 Mr. Parth Jhaveri Education Assistant (Physics) On contract
9 Ms. Yagnika Shah Education Assistant (Biology) On contract
10 Ms. Harshida Patel Project Assistant (SP) On contract
11 Mr. Pulkesh Prajapati Education Assistant (SP) On contract
12 Mr. Dinesh Barot Security Supervisor On contract
13 Mr. Himanshu Patel Tech. Asst.(Office) On contract
14 Mr. Suril Kadia Technical Asst. (Mechanical) On contract
15 Mr. Mourya Dharmendra Technical Asst.( Electronics) On contract
16 Mr. Bhavesh Jani Technical Asst.(Civil) On contract
17 Mr. Gautam Parmar Technician (Fitter) On contract
18 Mr. Sunilkumar Parmar Technician (Fitter) On contract
19 Mr. Sanjay Natvarlal Technician (Fitter) On contract
20 Mr. Kailash H Rathva Technician (Fitter) On contract
21 Mr. Yashurun Christopher Technician (Electronic) On contract
22 Mr. Vikrant Sharma Technician (Electronics) On contract
23 Mr. Suresh Dalabhai Pagi Technician (Electrical) On contract
24 Mr. Anil Adhikari Technician (wood Work) On contract
25 Mr. Sibsankar Guchhait Technician (wood Work) On contract
26 Ms. Meghana Manvar Technician (Bio) On contract